It Will Only Hurt Forever

by Hares on the Mountain

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"There’s an eternal pall hanging over the appropriately titled album. The songs, old and new, belong to the tradition of treating death with frankness and humor. These are dense story songs with characters whose humanity shines through the savvy musicianship and human voices, especially George Neal’s emphatic, gravelly delivery. Whether it is an outlaw facing the noose or a pair of forlorn lovers or Joseph, father of Jesus, they all speak with intimate voices in vivid landscapes."
-D Magazine,


released March 1, 2012

Recorded by Justin Collins at Satisfactory Recording Co., Denton, TX in August 2010. Mastered by Carl Saff, Saff Mastering, Chicago, IL.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Track Name: Thorneymoor Woods
In Thorneymoor Woods in Nottinghamshire,
Thorneymoor Woods in Nottinghamshire,
Three game-keepers' houses stood three-square,
About a mile from each other they were
Orders they were to look out for the deer.
Fol de rol, tora lie day

Now me and me dogs went out one night
The moon and the stars were shining bright
O'er hedges and ditches, fields and stiles
With my three dogs trotting close by me heels,
To catch a fat buck down in Thorneymoor fields.
Fol de rol, tora lie day

That very first night we had bad luck,
One of me very best dogs got shot
He come to me all bloody and lame
Right sorry I was for to see the same
And not being able to follow the game.
Fol de rol, tora lie day

I searched his wounds and found them slight
'Twas done by a game-keeper out of spite
Well I'll take a stick right tight in me hand
I'll search the woods till I find that man
I'll thrash his old hide right well if I can
Fol de rol, tora lie day

Now I come home and I went to bed
Limping Jack went out in me stead
O'er hedges and ditches, fields and stiles
He found a buck lying on the ground
My little dog has gave him the death-wound.
Fol de rol, tora lie day

And Limping Jack he cut the buck's throat
Tied his legs with good stout rope
And I had a laugh to see Limping Jack
Up in a lane with that buck on his back
Carried it just like a pedlar's pack
Fol de rol, tora lie day

Now we got us a butcher to skin the game
Likewise another to sell the same
And the very first joint as we offered for sale
Was to an old girl she sold bad ale
She had us young lads up in Nottingham gaol
Fol de rol, tora lie day

In Nottingham assizes are you and I
Us three young lads we go to be tried
But the magistrate laughed her all to scorn
He says the old bugger should be forsworn
Into little pieces torn
Fol de rol, tora lie day

In Nottingham assizes are gone and past
Us three young lads go free at last
The bucks and the does will never roam free
A poacher's life is the life for me
A poacher I will always be
Fol de rol, tora lie day

Trad. arranged by HOTM
Track Name: Matilda Jones
Matilda Jones
had a nice big home
and slept in a fancy bed
She was all alone
a widowed crone
5 or six times it was said

Her first husband Harry
fell off of a ferry
slipped on a slick spot on the deck
While husband number 2
drank a bottle of glue
and number 3 got drunk and broke his neck

Mr. Jones number four
had a mishap with a lawn mower
and number five remained alive
After running into a beehive
we thought he would survive
but choked in the hospital on his fork

She never formally wed
husband number six but instead
they were united in common law
But he lost his head
and left her his fortune instead
when he fell into a table saw

Oh Matilda Jones

The servants were suspicious
and while washing the dishes
they concluded she killed them herself
That was not far from the truth
but there was never any proof
cause she always had a little help

Anna McKenzie
drove her to a frenzy
since they were finishing school chums
With a secret love
no one dared speak of
and a family fortune that had up and gone

They made a master plan
Matilda would find a man
and take his money and his life
while her true love Annie would pose as a nanny
but sneak into her room at night

Oh Matilda Jones

But late one evening
Annie was leaving
late to go on a trip
The local police
had their curiosity piqued
when they received an anonymous tip

When the squad car arrived
Matilda invited ‘em inside
but behaved angry and incensed
The cop told her bluntly
it was her they were hunting
and they had all the evidence

They had photographs
of her husbands’ mishaps
The press called he Matilda the Hun
And when they looked for Annie
she'd booked a plane for Bali
and taken the fortune and run

Oh Matilda Jones

G. Neal
Track Name: Cherry Tree
Joseph was an old man
An old man was he
He married Virgin Mary
Queen of Galilee

Joseph found Mary
Walking through the orchard green
There were cherries and berries
As think as he'd ever seen

Mary said to Joseph
So meek and so mild,
"Joseph, gather me some cherries
For I am with child."

Joseph flew in anger
In anger flew he,
"Let the father of your baby
Gather cherries for thee."

Then up spoke baby Jesus
From deep in Mary's womb,
"Bend down Your tallest branches
So my mother might have some."

Bent down the tallest branches
And they touched Mary's hand
She cried, "Look, my Joseph,
We got cherries by command."

"Look, my sweet, sweet Joseph,
We got cherries by command."

Trad. arranged by HOTM
Track Name: Starling
sing my darling
sing of our forbidden love
sweet as the wings of a starling
that flies in stormy skies up above
but sing of it in a hush

our liasons are kept tucked and secret
no one ever should know
but my cheeks warm so flushed and peaked
like the warm summer sun’s orange glow
like a rain swollen river does flow

And oh our way
is a twisted path clotted and strange
That keeps us out of the day
and the interloper’s casual gaze

leaves are falling
forming a damp mat on the ground
and though your father is calling
we pretend to not hear the sound
cause together you and i are bound

and so when he’s sleeping
i’ll creep to the side of his bed
and return to the sight of you weeping
when you’ve heard all the words that I said
your daddy’s no longer, he’s dead


goodbye my darling
you’re a thing i can no longer love
you were once so handsome and charming
now you’re a thing that only draws blood
let the starlings fly over this flood

G. Neal